Closed for Renovations

March 3, 2011:
The Bostree Gallery is currently closed for building repair / renovations.
We had hoped to reopen by tomorrow, the first weekend of March, but this has been delayed. We ran into the usual “what-happens-when-making-repairs-to-a-150-year-old-building” scenario. Even more things to repair were uncovered when the 153 year old ceiling and a portion of wall, in the gallery entry room, were opened. The inevitable renovation proclamation was sounded, “While we have the wall open, we should…” Presto! The project was automatically prolonged! But, self control and a budget prevailed and the long and the short of it is, we will be painting in a day or three, wiping up the last of the dust and reopening the second weekend of March thanks to our most excellent carpenter, Wayne (The Great) Diltz.
See you next week!