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I reopened the Bostree gallery on June 21st and a few weeks later roped some of my guys into helping out with the new walkway...

IMG_6663 walkway in progress 2
Here's my son, Matt and husband, Ray working on the lower portion of the path...
IMG_6667 walkway in progress 1
... and here's Ray and I placing stone in the upper section. This one weighed more than me!
IMG_6699 walkway in progress 3

In between digging and hauling heavy stone, Ray found this HUGE neon green caterpillar crawling on a board behind the house. I've never seen anything like it before!
IMG_6683 huge catepillar


... So... the walkway is almost finished (although I still need to do more with the outdoor display area and garden), and the big sale continues with ALL pottery priced at 30% off or more. After Labor Day, the sale will continue for another few weeks with select items only on sale. Click here to see some interior photos of the gallery.

The Gallery is open Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5, other days by chance or appointment. Stop by and check out the progress as I continue to settle in home at 56 Wood Road, Sugar Loaf. :-)


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I'll be reopening the Bostree Gallery at 56 Wood Road, Sugar Loaf, NY on Saturday, June 21st. For those of you who remember, the gallery was located here from 1984 -1999. Here's how the new space is looking so far...

IMG_4021 Bostree Terry Andy Boswell 2
IMG_4022 Andy Boswell cobalt pottery Bostree 2

I'll be having a big sale on items that are in stock to make room for new and upcoming work. This would be a good time to invest in dinnerware or to start early, early Christmas shopping!
IMG_4025 Andy Boswell Celedon 2
IMG_4030 Bostree jewelry 2

There's still more to do, especially out in the garden where I'll have outdoor displays.
IMG_4041 Bostree door 2
IMG_4029 Andy Boswell graphic pottery 2
IMG_4027Andy Terry Boswell Crystal glaze 2
I look forward to seeing you at our new (old) location soon!

Terry Boswell

Andy has created a video documenting the process of creating one of his illustrated vessels. He is throwing grolleg porcelain and painting on the pot with iron oxide and cobalt. The music featured is by his friend Julia VanTieghem.

The gallery is still closed while I reorganize in the new location on Wood Road in Sugar Loaf, NY, but Andy has been busy in the studio. Scroll down to see some of his new ceramic pieces in progress. The last image is a 360º video of the graphic vessel in the first photo.

Check back for news of our reopening soon!
~ Terry

graphic vessel Andy Boswell 2014_04
Graphic vessel by Andy Boswell... in progress and fueled by chocolate. :-)

casserole Andy Boswell 2014_04
Casserole by Andy Boswell... in progress.

teapot Andy Boswell 2014_04
Teapot by Andy Boswell... in progress.

Photos and video also by Andy Boswell, AKA kaolintiger on Instagram.

This was the snowy scene today in Sugar Loaf, NY as I sipped my tea and looked out the kitchen door toward the Bostree Studio.

IMG_2868 Birds Bostree_Studio Kiln_Shed 3

Although the birds were quite happy to flutter and feast in the storm, Sophie wanted to stay outside only briefly.
IMG_2780 Sophie 2This is the broader view of the kiln shed and studio. The birds were abundant...IMG_2781 Bostree_Studio Ray_Boswell Reflection 3

.. and varied...
IMG_2796 Blue_Jay 4

.. and quite beautiful!
IMG_2876 Cardinal 3

These little creatures seem all the more delicate in this weather.
Finches and juncos in the snow

I hope you are somewhere warm and snug this winter's day and able to enjoy the beauty of the season! ~Terry

On this cold Wednesday of ice and snow in Sugar Loaf, NY, I took these photos and made a big pot of vegetable, venison stew. Perfect in one of Andy's porcelain bowls!

Bowl by Andrew Boswell.

... While Ray and his Husqvarna cleared the parking area of the Bostree studio, even though Andy's pottery classes are cancelled for the evening.

Ray Husqvarna IMG_2643 2

... And the gallery, no longer located on Kings Highway, awaits it's reopening on Wood Road, tucked-in snugly for for the winter.

Bostree Sugar Loaf, NY

... The finches fluttered and feasted, unperturbed by the weather.
The feeder is almost empty, but dependable me will refill it!

finches in the snow

Wishing you warmth!
~Terry Boswell

For the holidays the Bostree gallery will be open the following hours and by appointment…

12/20/13, Friday, 11:00am – 5:00pm
12/21/13, Saturday, 11:00am – 5:00pm
12/23/13, Sunday, 12:00am – 5:00pm
12/24/13, Tuesday, 11:00am – 3:30pm
12/27/13, Friday, 11:00am – 5:00pm
12/28/13, Saturday, 11:00am – 5:00pm
12/29/13, Sunday, 12:00am – 5:00pm

After the 29th, the Bostree gallery will be closed for several weeks while I move it back to its pre 1999 location on Wood Road, Sugar Loaf, NY. This will reunite the gallery with our studio and home, and simplify my life!. :-)
I’m looking forward to the move and to seeing you at our new / old location in the spring!

Happy Holidays!

Image by Terry Boswell "Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love."I took this photo a few years ago. If you take notice you will see that it’s decorated with hearts. We had  bought a cut-fresh-that-day tree on Christmas Eve. It was still fresh after New Years and I just couldn’t bring myself to take it down. When it got close to Valentine’s Day, I stripped off the Christmas ornaments, cut hearts from paper and decorated the tree with those. It became my Valentine’s tree :-) I edited the photo last year and added the quote. I am captivated by the quote because it seems to me that each year the spirit of Christmas survives and transcends commercialism, overflows religious confines, and spills out amongst all. Everyone can get on board with love and goodwill no matter their religious or non-religious proclivities. Wishing you all peace and joy this holiday season! ~Terry