Porcelain Chopstick Bowls

These porcelain chopstick bowls are handmade by my friend Diane. They’re perfect for udon noodles, rice, or anything else you might enjoy eating with chopsticks! Sure to make your meal special!

Available in person at the Bostree Gallery on Wood Road in Sugar Loaf, NY (click here for hours)… or to shop online for either style bowl below, click here or here.

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New offerings…

For one reason or another Andy has been saving these pieces in his studio for a while. Recently he made the decision to make them available at the gallery. He piled them all on ware boards and carried them from the studio, across the lawn, to the gallery. They were covered with a film of clay dust from being on the shelves in the studio.

Here are the undusted gems…

As I clean them off  and put the pots on display, I’ll post more photos.


Crystaline pottery and photography.

Holiday Season Sale

Currently at the Bostree Gallery and available for the holiday season… Pottery, Jewelry, Sculpture, Photography!

… and don’t forget, we are now located at 56 Wood Road in Sugar Loaf, NY.
For gallery hours, click here.

Mention this blog post to receive 20% off pottery made in our studio, or any jewelry purchase between now and Christmas!

Happy Holidays! 

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Bostree, Sugar Loaf, NY

Bostree Gallery, Sugar Loaf, NY. Photo by Terry Boswell.

IMG_9690 2r72 celedon-pottery_andy_boswell photo_terry_boswell

Celadon porcelain pottery by Andy Boswell. Sculptural pieces by Thor Lopez. Photo by Terry Boswell.

Funky vessels

Funky stoneware pots by Diane Luedemann. Photo by Terry Boswell.

mobius earrings by ronpeckham. photo by terry boswell

Sterling silver with fire opals, mobius earrings by Ron Peckham. Photo by Terry Boswell.

IMG_9692 2r72 midnight_blue_andy_boswell photo_terry_boswell

Midnight blue porcelain pottery by Andy Boswell. Sculptural piece by Thor Lopez. Photo by Terry Boswell.

peekaboo by thor lopez. photo by terry boswell

Sculpted piece by Thor Lopez. Photo by Terry Boswell.

Bostree, Sugar Loaf, NY

Pottery, Bostree Gallery, Sugar Loaf, NY. Photo by Terry Boswell.

Fall in Sugar Loaf, NY

We’ve had a beautiful resplendent fall Here in Sugar Loaf, NY! Many of the leaves have dropped, but some are still up and colorful, and a few are still green.

Here are a few photos I took at the edge of town last week…

Sugar Loaf, NY. View down the tracks

Looking north from Sugar Loaf along the railroad tracks.

Bostree Studio, Sugar Loaf, NY

Looking back in the opposite direction at the Bostree Studio from the railroad tracks.

Sugar Loaf, NY

The view of the field I was meandering through.

Looking east. Sugar Loaf, NY

Looking east (yes, east) as the sun set. It was time to go home.

With all the rain we’ve been having, I’m not sure how long the splendor will last, so visit us soon to catch the last hurrah of fall and start some early holiday shopping!

Teapot by Andrew Boswell

Porcelain teapot by Andy Boswell. Ohata glaze.


… And as a P.S., some news from our small hamlet… In its 45th year, the Sugar Loaf Annual Fall Festival, with 80 vendors exhibiting in addition to our resident shops, eateries, and theater, attracted 15,000 visitors! Read the story here.