Crystalline Glaze Jar

Crystaline glaze jar by Andrew Boswell and Phil Hamling
Crystaline glaze, grolleg porcelain jar, about 14" tall, by Andrew Boswell and Phil Hamling $480-

This exquisite grolleg porcelain piece is a combination of pottery, chemistry and geology. It was thrown on the potter’s wheel by Andrew Boswell. The glazing process was a collaborative effort between Andrew and Phil Hamling using Phil’s technically intricate crystalline glaze methods. Andrew’s fluid form is the perfect canvas for Phil’s ceramic engineering expertise. When this process is done precisely correct, crystals grow in the glaze surface during the firing of the pot. The patterns formed look very similar to the crystal patterns of frost on a window pane.





If you are interested in purchasing this piece please email a note and  your phone number to [email protected] and I will give you a call back. (The online catalog and shopping cart are still down. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.)



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