New Work by Andy Boswell

The gallery is still closed while I reorganize in the new location on Wood Road in Sugar Loaf, NY, but Andy has been busy in the studio. Scroll down to see some of his new ceramic pieces in progress. The last image is a 360ยบ video of the graphic vessel in the first photo.

Check back for news of our reopening soon!
~ Terry

graphic vessel Andy Boswell 2014_04
Graphic vessel by Andy Boswell… in progress and fueled by chocolate. ๐Ÿ™‚

casserole Andy Boswell 2014_04
Casserole by Andy Boswell… in progress.

teapot Andy Boswell 2014_04
Teapot by Andy Boswell… in progress.

Photos and video also by Andy Boswell, AKA kaolintiger on Instagram.