Peace Cranes For Ukraine - Two Crane Origami Mobile

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Origami cranes have long been a symbol of peace, and so I fold each of my cranes with a simple intention...

May there be peace for all people in all places throughout the world, and may peace dwell within me.

After meticulously folding each crane with white paper (which is whiter than pictured), I string it on embroidery floss and make a tassel on the end. I also include crystal and glass beads. The paper, glass beads and floss on this particular ornament are blue and yellow, evoking the flag of Ukraine.

I will be donating 10% of the purchase of this peace crane ornament to Mercy Corps: Crisis in Ukraine. They are a worldwide humanitarian organization and are on the ground in Ukraine, Romania and Poland working to meet urgent humanitarian needs.

The strand of origami cranes measures about 34" long.

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