The Bostree Gallery presents a varied selection of unique, functional and decorative American craft. It features predominantly handcrafted pottery, jewelry, photography, and sculpture made by us, the Boswell family and other wonderful craftspeople that we have the pleasure to know and the honor to call friends.

Our showroom is located one hour from Manhattan in the lovely artisan’s community of Sugar Loaf, NY, on the western edge of the Hudson Valley. We are only six miles from the picturesque town of Warwick, NY, home of the big and bustling Apple Fest, serene and contemplative Pacem in Terris, and numerous orchards, wineries, family farms and farmers’ markets. Other local landmarks include the megalithic outlet center, Woodbury Commons, a fifteen minute ride away, and historic West Point, a thirty minute scenic drive.

Celedon dinnerware

At the Bostree Gallery, we present artist-made fine handcrafts: artistic objects made with love, care, creativity and integrity to please the eye, enhance the home and nurture the spirit. We believe the quality of life is enhanced when a handcrafted piece, created by one human being, is used, worn or simply enjoyed by another, creating a connection between persons.

Cobalt Porcelain tea set

The 3600 square foot Bostree Pottery Studio is also located in Sugar Loaf, NY next door to the gallery and houses Ray’s studio and office space, Andy’s studio, and a large teaching studio.

The Bostree Studio 2014



In addition to creating our own work, we offer ongoing pottery classes and periodic workshops. The studio is also the home base for Ray’s pottery retreats. Inspirational pottery retreats can be arranged to be presented at our studio or your location.


At the Bostree Studio we provide an environment for individuals to explore their own creativity. This is accomplished with a sense of community, individualized instruction, and professional tools and materials.

A little bit more about Bostree…

Ray and Terry opened Bostree in 1982 in the rustic, repurposed chicken coops of Scott’s Meadow in Sugar Loaf, NY selling Ray’s pottery and Terry’s jewelry. Since then the business has gone through a few incarnations and today the studio and gallery are housed on Wood Road. Now most of the pottery is made by Ray and Terry’s son, Andy, and a few friends. Ray now devotes most of his time to numerous speaking and retreat engagements, and Terry has switched from jewelry making to photography and helping in the pottery studio.

Terry Boswell ~ Artist

Terry graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a BS in Art Education. Over the years, she has enjoyed creating fabricated jewelry and containers of silver and brass, colored porcelain and raku jewelry, carved clay and hand built pottery forms. She currently revels in photography, manages the Bostree Gallery, assists in the studio,  folds origami, and dabbles in WordPress blogging and websites. You can visit her photo blog, Through The Lens of My Life, by clicking here.

Ray BoswellRay Boswell ~ Potter & Inspirational Speaker

Ray received a BS Degree in education from SUNY Oswego. It was there that he took his first art class and was introduced to clay. During the year after graduation he began teaching in a public school and apprenticing with a production potter. It was only a few years later that Ray left the public school system and devoted himself to full-time production pottery. Since then he has studied, explored and produced a wide range of creative work. Ray has sold his pieces in galleries from cost to coast. He has accepted commissions for vessels created in stoneware, porcelain, raku and terra cotta as well as sculptures using the same materials. Ray currently manages Bostree’s pottery studio and is a sought out teacher, guest speaker, retreat facilitator and performance potter. For more information about Ray, retreats or pottery workshops please visit Ray’s website www.potteryretreat.com.

Illustrated porcelain pottery.Andrew Boswell ~ Utilitarian Ceramic Artist

Andy got his start in clay before he turned two! His original experience with clay came from his father, Ray. It’s to Ray that he owes the founding of his skills in clay and on the potter’s wheel. His mother, Terry, with her aesthetic awareness, helped broaden his sense of Utlitarian Art. Attending the Rochester Institute of Technology for Ceramics with Julia Galloway, Rick Hirsch, and Liz Howe, turned his passion for clay into a profession. Andy, now a Utilitarian Ceramic Artist, is interested in making artistic objects which function in daily life. His goal is to bring his sense of artistic perfection into personal living spaces. Nothing excites him more than holding a coffee mug which has been made through a clear creative artistic process or looking at a sculpture that blends seamlessly with the space around it. He wants to make art which he can hold, touch, use and enjoy with friends. For these reasons he is interested in Utilitarian Art. Clay’s versatility entices him with possibilities and calls him to be a Ceramic Artist.

In 2015 Andy expanded solidly into the precise and exacting process of crystalline gazes. The first results have been splendid! Stay in touch to see how this evolves by signing up for our infrequent and unimposing email updates in the sidebar above. 🙂