Colorful Origami Crane Mobiles

A perfect gift for the holidays!

Each of my handmade mobiles is composed of three, meticulously folded, origami cranes strung on embroidery floss and adorned with crystal, wood, and glass beads. The strands measure about 34″ long. I package each one in a clear gift box.  They are priced from $14.00 – $16.00.

I’ve made some available in the Bostree online store, but I have many more at the Bostree Gallery on Wood Road in Sugar Loaf, NY. Click here for hours.


I fold each crane with an intention, a simple prayer, a mantra… May I be at peace within myself and with others. May all people be at peace within themselves and with each other.

Wishing you blessings and cheer!
~Terry Boswell


Happy Spring!

Spring has arrived!

Mention this post to receive 10% off your purchase from now until the end of March 🙂

Wishing you many blessings,


A fall day at Bostree…

In spite of the rain, today was proof that it’s still a colorful fall season here in Sugar Loaf. It’s also a perfect time to begin early holiday shopping!
Bostree, Pottery, Jewelry, Photography. Sugar Loaf, NY. Fall 2015.
Meander in to browse the Bostree gallery. Maybe Sophie, the four legged greeter will appear to say, “Hi!” 🙂


New offerings…

For one reason or another Andy has been saving these pieces in his studio for a while. Recently he made the decision to make them available at the gallery. He piled them all on ware boards and carried them from the studio, across the lawn, to the gallery. They were covered with a film of clay dust from being on the shelves in the studio.

Here are the undusted gems…

As I clean them off  and put the pots on display, I’ll post more photos.