Origami Crane Ornaments

I made these origami crane ornaments from beautifully patterned traditional Japanese paper. Each crane is meticulously folded and then strung on embroidery floss with crystal, wood, and glass beads. They are priced  $8.00 or $9.00 each.

From the bottom tips of the tassel to the beaded end of the strand measures about 17″, long enough to tie to a Christmas tree branch, fasten to your car rearview mirror, or anywhere else you might want a bit of color 🙂

I’ve made some available in the Bostree online store, but I have many more at the Bostree Gallery on Wood Road in Sugar Loaf, NY. Click here for hours.

I fold each crane with an intention, a simple prayer, a mantra… May I be at peace within myself and with others. May all people be at peace within themselves and with each other.

Wishing you joyous holidays!
~Terry Boswell