Origami Crane Christmas Ornaments

Origami crane ornament, blue, white, gold with crystal bead. great for the Christmas tree!

These origami cranes are a perfect addition to any Christmas tree! (Or car rearview mirror!) I meticulously fold, then carefully string each crane onto metalic embroidery floss with colored glass beads and larger crystal bead accents.

Origami crane Christmas ornaments available here.

Origami crane ornament, gold, green, pink and white. Crystal bead. Great for Christmas tree!
Origami Crane Ornament handmade by Terry Boswell
Origami crane ornament, silver, pink, blue, green, white, with crystal bead. Great for the Christmas tree!
Origami crane ornament handmade by Terry Boswell

Colorful Origami Crane Mobiles

A perfect gift for the holidays!

Each of my handmade mobiles is composed of three, meticulously folded, origami cranes strung on embroidery floss and adorned with crystal, wood, and glass beads. The strands measure about 34″ long. I package each one in a clear gift box.  They are priced from $14.00 – $16.00.

I’ve made some available in the Bostree online store, but I have many more at the Bostree Gallery on Wood Road in Sugar Loaf, NY. Click here for hours.


I fold each crane with an intention, a simple prayer, a mantra… May I be at peace within myself and with others. May all people be at peace within themselves and with each other.

Wishing you blessings and cheer!
~Terry Boswell


Another snowy day at Bostree in Sugar Loaf, NY

This was the snowy scene today in Sugar Loaf, NY as I sipped my tea and looked out the kitchen door toward the Bostree Studio.

IMG_2868 Birds Bostree_Studio Kiln_Shed 3

Although the birds were quite happy to flutter and feast in the storm, Sophie wanted to stay outside only briefly.
IMG_2780 Sophie 2This is the broader view of the kiln shed and studio. The birds were abundant…IMG_2781 Bostree_Studio Ray_Boswell Reflection 3

.. and varied…
IMG_2796 Blue_Jay 4

.. and quite beautiful!
IMG_2876 Cardinal 3

These little creatures seem all the more delicate in this weather.
Finches and juncos in the snow

I hope you are somewhere warm and snug this winter’s day and able to enjoy the beauty of the season! ~Terry

On this snowy Wednesday at Bostree in Sugar Loaf, NY

On this cold Wednesday of ice and snow in Sugar Loaf, NY, I took these photos and made a big pot of vegetable, venison stew. Perfect in one of Andy’s porcelain bowls!

Bowl by Andrew Boswell.

… While Ray and his Husqvarna cleared the parking area of the Bostree studio, even though Andy’s pottery classes are cancelled for the evening.

Ray Husqvarna IMG_2643 2

… And the gallery, no longer located on Kings Highway, awaits it’s reopening on Wood Road, tucked-in snugly for for the winter.

Bostree Sugar Loaf, NY

… The finches fluttered and feasted, unperturbed by the weather.
The feeder is almost empty, but dependable me will refill it!

finches in the snow

Wishing you warmth!
~Terry Boswell